LTO advises motor vehicle owners against use of “generic” plate numbers

Northern Mindanao Land Transportation Office (LTO) has issued an official instruction to its district and extension offices to stop the practice of assigning ‘generic’ plate numbers to motor vehicles and motorcycles.


According to LTO 10 Regional Director Oscar S. Salcedo the practice is considered irregular and a violation of the existing law since it results to several motor vehicles having the same plate number.

Moreover, a “generic” plate number is not encoded in the LTO IT System database. Director Salcedo said it is, therefore, not a reliable basis to make an on-line or automated verification of the motor vehicle details.

The owners of motor vehicles or motorcycles with a ‘generic’ plate number are advised to promptly report to the LTO so that their vehicles will be issued the correct plate number which is either the regular plate number, if available, or a temporary plate number which is the MV File Number, with a written authorization issed by the registering LTO district or extension office. (LTO10)


SP OKs MOA with DA for livestock program

Department of Agriculture (DA) and the city government of Cagayan de Oro forged another partnership for livestock program.


To increase the competitiveness and income of livestock farmers, Cagayan de Oro City legislators headed by Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin V. Uy during its regular session Wednesday presided over by Councilor Zaldy approved an ordinance authorizing Mayor Oscar Moreno to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Department of Agriculture (DA) covering its Livestock Program.


The DA is implementing the program to enhance agricultural productivity and production as a strategy of realizing the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Plan (AFMP) and is willing to provide one unit Hammer Mill under the Animal Feeds Technology Project.


The MOA provides that the regional field office of DA in northern Mindanao shall  procure the brand new equipment, turn over the unit to the city and conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation to ascertain the progress of the project


For its part, the city government shall use the equipment for the Animal Feeds Technology Development with DA-RFO-10 and provide a garage to properly secure the unit, among others.


The ordinance was endorsed by the committees on agriculture and fisheries and on laws and rules chaired by Councilors Annie Y. Daba and Ian Mark Nacaya, respectively. (SP)

‘Market of shabu is poor communities,’ says Duterte

In refuting media reports that only poor drug suspects were hunted down in drug operation, President Rodrigo Duterte said the market of shabu is the poor communities.


Speaking during the launch of the Cebu Pacific’s seventh domestic hub at the Laguindingan Airport in Misamis Oriental, Pres. Duterte said “Bakit mga mahirap…Bakit marami ang patay, hindi ‘yung mga mayaman?…sinasabi ko na sa inyo, ang market ng shabu are ‘yung mahihirap na community.”


(Why the poor? Why are not the rich among those killed? I’m telling you. The market of shabu is the poor community.)


Duterte also said that the rich do shabu in yachts or go to the airport, they do cocaine or heroine. But heroine and cocaine are derivatives of a product called the poppy. It’s not damaging to the brain.


He said, “Marijuana, tapos ‘yung extract niya, ‘yun ang maging cocaine, then refine it to heroin. Hindi masyadong nakakasira ng utak. Huwag mo lang haluan, dried ganun, marijuana.”


(Marijuana, then the extracts, that makes cocaine, then refined it to heroine. It does not damaging to the brain. Just don’t mixed it, like dried, marijuana.)


The president further said, “Kaya kayo ang tinamaan. A, B, C, D, E — D, E ang pinakamatindi. Doon ang labanan ng pulis.”


(That is why you are the most affected. Among the economic classes, D and E are the most prevalent. That’s where the police operation happen.)


Duterte also revealed the country has lost an estimated 128 police and 200 soldiers in connection to drugs.


In Mindanao in particular, the president said the police can’t penetrate the laboratory. When they enter the premise, they would be facing M-60 machine gun, bazooka. They have to call in soldiers, that is why there are many killed soldiers.


He, likewise, said that drugs are always an organized crime. These drugs has to be cooked. Then there has to be lieutenants or trusted men who will distribute it to you, to the peddlers or they call it “basura.” Without basura selling it, shabu cannot prosper. It will remain in the bodega or in the place where they are hidden, but it could not be prosperous trade. So all this, they work in tandem.


However, Duterte assured he will still abide by his sworn duty to protect the people and preserve this country, the Republic. Also, he will go against all criminals without fear or favor and enforce it equally.


Meanwhile, Pres.Duterte urged the press to carefully listen to his message saying “If the ship is listing and overwhelmed by forces of the enemies of the state–terrorism, rebellion and so many fronts, I will not hesitate to declare Martial Law.” (EOR/PIA10)

Duterte lauds CEB in promoting comfort for Filipino commuters

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte commended Cebu Pacific management for promoting comfort for Filipino commuters during the launching of Laguindingan Airport as the seventh domestic hub in the country.

CEB marker 2

The president said that despite the current situation in Marawi City, CEB has seen the promise of what Mindanao can become in the coming years.


“It is my hope that its officials and employees will become our partners in effecting meaningful and lasting changes in society,” Duterte said.


He also expressed optimism this launch become a testament that the Filipino entrepreneurial spirit is resilient and bold.


“…Cebu Pacific has — leading the pack of entrepreneurial boldness. So salamat sa Cebu Pacific at ang bilis ninyong lumago. Ang bilis ninyong lumaki, the network, and you’re flying all over the world. It’s not an easy task to do that. Your tour requires brainwork and everything. And to make it safe, which is really a very heavier responsibility. So mga taga-Cebu Pacific, they deserve also a salute just like the soldiers.”


Pres. Duterte also enjoined entrepreneurs to make the Philippines a progressive community filled with opportunities for the next generation. Together, let us realize our vision of a safer and more comfortable life for all.


For his part Cebu Pacific CEO Lance Gokongwei says the launching of Laguindingan Airport as a Cebu Pacific Domestic Hub is the company’s commitment to nation building and to make air travel more accessible all Filipinos.

Lance Gokongwei

He further said that with the launching of Laguindingan Airport as domestic hub, tourists can now explore Northern Mindanao’s diverse attractions.


CEB has strengthened its domestic route network and air connections to and from Mindanao with the designation of the Laguindingan Airport as its 7th hub in the country. IT also launched two new routes that link Northern Mindanao to Caticlan (Boracay) and Dumaguete City.


Laguindingan Airport in Misamis Oriental serves as the gateway to Northern Mindanao, catering Cagayan de Oro City and neighboring areas, including cities of Iligan and Marawi and, Bukidnon province.


The airport complex has a 7,200 square meter passenger terminal and a 2,100 meter runway, capable of four takeoffs and landings per hour. Since it opened in 2013, the airport has become the sixth busiest in the country, serving over 1.7 million passengers annually. (EOR/PIA10)

Pag-IBIG Fund now offers penalty condonation to unregistered, delinquent employers

Pag-IBIG Fund now offers a Penalty Condonation to all unregistered and delinquent employers who have coverable employees from whom they did not collect the mandated monthly savings.


Eligible employers with an ongoing plan of payment under Pag-IBIG Fund Circular No. 339 may apply under this program but for the unpaid penalties only.


Furthermore, in order to avail of the Penalty Condonation, the employer must register and update their records in Pag-IBIG Fund via online registration system. The application for Penalty Condonation and the list of documentary requirements can be secured at the Pag-IBIG Fund website,, or at the employer’s nearest Pag-IBIG Fund Members Services Branch, Members Services Office or Service Desk.


Pag-IBIG Fund is now urging all concerned employers to comply with the mandatory registration and membership coverage of all their respective employees, who are earning at least P1,000 per month, regardless of status or nature of employment.


The Pag-IBIG Fund Law states that “refusal or failure without lawful cause or with fraudulent intent to comply with the provisions of the said law and its Implementing Rules and Regulations shall constitute an offense punishable by a fine of not less than, but more than twice, the amount involved or imprisonment of not more than six years, or both such fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the Court, apart from the civil liabilities and/or obligations of the offender or delinquent, without prejudice to the prosecution of related offenses under the Revised Penal Code and other laws.”(Pag-IBIG Fund/RTP/PIA10)

SP acts on Oro water woes

Water is not just a privilege, it is a right!



This was stressed Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin V. Uy on Monday as he tasked the City Council committee on public utilities chaired by Councilor Teodulfo Lao to look into the insufficient supply of water in some portions of Cagayan de Oro City.


During the regular session, councilor Lao brought to the plenary the clamor of residents in the western part of the city who experienced no or little water supply since last week.


The councilor said water is vital to life and health, that is why people are annoyed if they are not supplied with potable water.


“Water is essential and primordial in our lives,” he stressed.


The same sentiment was expressed by Councilor George Goking, who complained that the Cagayan de Oro Water District (COWD) is not giving quality service to the city’s constituents.


The councilor said if the COWD cannot deliver this service, it should be given to others. “COWD should not have a monopoly of water in the city,” he cited.




In response to this, councilor Lao immediately scheduled a meeting with officials of Rio Verde Water Consortium, Inc. and COWD to hear their explanations on the matter.


According to COWD General Manager Engr. Rachel Beja, the water supply problem is due to the repair in parts of the pipeline of Rio Verde Consortium, which is COWD’s bulk supplier.


She said this affected the barangays of Lumbia, Pagatpat, Bulua, Iponan, Patag and other barangays.


While apologizing for the inconvenience to the public, she said the local water district employed measures and sought the assistance of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) to supply the water needs of the residents.


Engr. Beja said the COWD has also recently entered into a joint venture with Metro Pac Water Investment for a bulk water supply project.

For his part, the representative of Rio Verde informed the committee that the water shortage was due to a crack and leak in its pipes after the earthquake.


He assured that by October 6, the company will be able to supply its commitment of 40,000 cubic meter per day to the COWD.




Councilor Lao said the committee should invite other concessionaires to avoid a similar situation and to meet the increasing demand for water in the city.


He said people are already suffering for lack of water.


“Our city is fast-growing. You can see rapid increase in population. The demand for water is also increasing,” he pointed out.


If not addressed, councilor Lao said the problem will become worse in the future. (SP)

Coherent, connected devt pushed in maritime week celeb

The Maritime Industry Authority (Marina), Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), and the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) spearheaded the celebration of 2017 Maritime Week in Northern Mindanao, from Sept. 25-29, in collaboration with maritime schools and industry partners with the theme: “Connecting ships, ports and people.”

floral offering

The theme is designed to highlight coherent and connected efforts across the maritime industry.

Marina-X regional director Felisa N. Orongan said during the opening program that the celebration is an opportunity to highlight value of integration in maritime sector.

“The celebration is an opportunity to raise awareness of the contribution of maritime industry in the development of the Philippines as a maritime country,” said Orongan.


Shipping and ports can play a significant role in helping to create conditions for increased employment, prosperity and stability through promoting maritime trade.

Marina, meanwhile presented the message of its Administrator Marcial Quirino C. Amaro III on the celebration saying the Philippine history is full of accounts of the country’s maritime traditions from the galleon trade to Magellan and the wave of other invaders who landed in these islands strewn across the great oceans in the Pacific. It is shipping which connected the compact island groups into one nation.

“The maritime industry has played an important role in the socio-economic wellbeing of our country since the Manila-Acapulco trade in 1571” said the administrator.


For his part, Guilbert Anthony D. Gimeno of the Cagayan de Oro City/Misamis Oriental Port Management Office said that 78% of the Philippine is water in territory.

He said it is the right time we celebrate the Maritime Week to recognize seafarers who man ships. We also honor the seafarers. Likewise, we take pride to be known as one of the world’s leading provider of maritime labor.


Following the issuance Memorandum Circular No. 2017-001 of the Department of Transportation, Lt. Commander Troy Cornelio, Northern Mindanao station commander of the Coast Guard, said that PCG will implement numbering of motorized and manual boats plying the seas or coastal waters to establish a database for sea-faring transports.

In her presentation, Ruby Maria Gumapon of the Cagayan Port Management Office discussed the long-term infrastructure development plan dubbed “7 Pillars of Development” of the PPA which is crafted to address urgent and long term problems of the port management in the city.


Gumapon also said that to decongest trucks hauling cargo for the port originating from Eastern Misamis Oriental, the Project Management Office in the city will construct new port portal at Gate 6 directly connected to CDO Coastal Road via an access road thru Department of Public works and Highways (DPWH)’s Roads leading to Ports Program.

The PMO is starting delineation and development of a new port in Laguindingan town, Misamis Oriental with the conduct of Topographic, Hydrographic & Port Zone Delineation Survey, the initial steps in conceptualizing a port facility suitable for Port of Laguindingan envisioned to accommodate cruise ship terminal in additional to fast ferry.

Blowing of horns, anti-human trafficking orientation, on the spot poster making contest with the theme “Marina KontraDroga,” open ship viewing, shipyard visitation, tree planting, HIV/AIDS STCW forum, security seminar among others highlight this year’s celebration in the region. (EOR/PIA10)