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  1. hello PIA NorthMin, i am Yvette Loren Tuyor, a Public Administration student of Bukidnon State University. I am interested to participate in your activity on April 29 about the West Phil. Sea issue, can i just go to VIP hotel without invite? am i allowed to be a part of it even if i am still a student? please let me know how can i be a part of that event, as i am very interested to know more about the said issue. i hope i will be given a chance to be there. Thank You and God Bless.

  2. Good Afternoon PIA Northmin, I am Khrisna Cara Solde, an intern from Mindanao Development Authority, Area Management Office in Cagayan de Oro City. Part of my task is to update the status of Comprehensive Development Plan of the City and Province of Misamis Oriental as of this year. Can I ask the status of the said CDPs? as for your own evaluation, how much percentage are we now? because I need statistics answer. I am looking forward for your response. Thank you and Godbless.

  3. We would like to create a association to give support to minor female victime abused and to poor as singlemom to apply for legal assistance to become justice in there situation. We made a mailng through 25 diffferent organiations however the reply is extreemly low. Nevertheless one of them has give us your name to contact. Please, find hereunder copy of our mail sent out and wondering if you could help and/or assist us:


    Subject: humanity initiativ

    Together with a few persons in the Mindanao area we are consider to set up a association to help minor abused femal victimes in the country of Philippines.

    Our idea started by meeting a dramatic situation in the Philippines of a Philippine girl of 15 year working as a maid at the house of a Philippines business man.
    The teener at 16 year fooled up by the adult Philippines man (boss) staring to during 2 months more than just the work of maid and accepted the advances of the man with intime relations which results in a situation that at 17 year the girl gave birth to a baby of which the possibility to survice are verry limited.

    The adult man found out of the pregnancy of the girl and the girl:
    lost her job,
    the man denie that the baby was from him
    the man refused to take his responsability to give support for that baby
    The girl is to poor to guarantee the good surviving of her baby and to request the assistance of a lawyer to help her.

    As we understood that the Philippine law foreseen 6 to 20 year prison for:
    adults (> 18 year old)
    abusing sexualy
    using there authority as pressure to the victime
    dump the minor
    refusing to take the responsability
    It is therefore that we want to support and start up legal actions against abusive man in cooperation with a local lawyer (Philippine) as well as secretary in the area.
    and that we are searching for all kind of support such as: advices and financial help,…

    Looking forward to your reaction, we wish you a good receipt of our mail,



  4. To whom it may concern;
    I am an American living in California. I have an account on Facebook on which I’ve contacted a Filipina. She is currently residing at Block 4 Bliss Lapasan Clarin Missamis Occidental, . I’ve had several discussions with her of which she disclosed to me that she is in danger of being forced into prostitution. She is currently hiding away from her tormentors that constantly makes demands on her to have sex with several foreigners, of which she refuse. She relayed to me that at times she was held captive by men whose intent were to sexually assault her. But by the grace of God, she managed to escape them. However she has an acquaintance that’s very intent on having her sex for money with a Japanese visitor. Sheis now fearing that she will again be abducted because of the threats that she had made to her. Indeed her ex friend had sent messages to me stating the cruelty that she will suffer at the hands of the Japanese. She had tried to contact your organization but apparently cannot due to the range of her cellphone.She is still residing in Ozamis she is 24 and now homeless and is on the streets alone. She was tricked out of her inheritance She says that the police there are not to be trusted so she is afraid to go to them. I cannot help her at this time, and due to the weather there she has become ill and have to repay friends for a hospital bill. I am hoping that you can forward any information to me so that I can inform her where to go for much needed assistance.
    I am hoping that your organization will intervene and assist on getting her to safety.
    Thank you and God bless.

  5. Hi! Good morning!

    I passed the Oct. 2016 CSE PPT (PROFESSIONAL). I just want to inquire how can I get my CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILTY. I am currently here at Cebu and I took the examination in Cagayan de Oro. in connection, what are the necessary requirements or pertinent documents?
    Here is my #0948-913-2779.

    Thank you for the response in advance.

  6. I am interested in abacca production, I have started planted around 1000 abacca plants at Imbayao, Malaybalay, Bukidnon, I have still remaining area around 4 hectars to be planted for abacca if I can have a concrete idea that I prospers this venture, I will pursue , Anyone can guide me to whom I will tie up or consult this matter. I do not have clear understanding about Philifida,,, I just interested to plant Abacca but I have no clear pathway to step on , if really this kind of business good or not.

  7. May we know your mailing address? or the mailing address of the Northern Mindanao Agribusiness Council (NMAC)? This “address query” is in line with the NMAC Resolution No. 2017-003, entitled, “Resolution Urging the Department of Transportation and the Philippine Port Authority to Rehabilitate, Expand and Upgrade Philippine Ports to International Standards to Ensure the Full Implementation of the Foreign Ships Co-Loading Act or Republic Act 10668. I am Rafael P. Soro, Jr, Water Transport Planning Division, Department of Transportation. My email address is,

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