NNC-10, MANGO DIEZ set nutrition month activities

Media Advocates for Nutrition in Governance in region 10 (MANGO DIEZ) and National Nutrition Council region 10 (NNC 10) are now preparing for the nutrition month activities in July this year.


With the 2017 Nutrition Month Theme, “Healthy diet, gawing habit – FOR LIFE!” the focus this year is promoting a healthy diet.


According to Marissa DM. Navales, nutrition program coordinator of NNC 10, there is a need to promote healthy diet because it protects against malnutrition and non-communicable diseases; breastfeeding and complementary feeding promote optimal development and long-term health for children.


Further, Filipinos are not consuming healthy diets; there is an increasing prevalence of overweight and obese and increased availability of processed foods and reduced access to whole foods, she added.


Among the proposed 2017 nutrition month activities include press conference/briefing, a conduct of healthy diet festival, contest on short filmmaking, publication of Northern Mindanao article and advertorials events/activities and TV and radio guesting.


July of every year is declared as Nutrition Month (PD 491, 1974) and is a nationwide celebration orchestrated by NNC. Meanwhile, annual celebration highlights a particular nutrition concern of national importance.


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