CDO is fourth metropolitan center by 2025, says NEDA 10

By 2025, Metro Cagayan de Oro (CDO) will become the 4th metropolitan center based on its projected population growth and functional role as a major gateway and trans-shipment hub in Northern Mindanao says National Economic Development Authority (NEDA)-10 Regional Director Leon Dacanay Jr. during the ASEAN multi-sectoral forum here last week.

unnamed (13).jpg

“This came from the Philippine Development Plan of 2017-2022 where it said Cagayan de Oro to remain a key educational center in Northern Mindanao,” Dacanay explained.


Further, based on the National Spatial Strategy proposed network of settlements, Metro Cagayan de Oro is identified as one of the four Metropolitan centers in the country, along with Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and Metro Davao to serve as centers of commercial, financial and administrative activities and as primary international gateways.


He explained that these centers have available high-level services in education, health, public transport, among others.  Meanwhile, the highly urbanized city of Iligan is identified as one of the sub-regional centers in the country.


In his discussion of AmBisyon Natin 2040, he said that by 2040 Filipinos vision for themselves is to enjoy a stable and comfortable lifestyle, secure in the knowledge that they have enough for their daily needs and unexpected expenses, that they can plan and prepare for their own and their children’s future; where family lives together in a place of their own, and have the freedom to go where they desire, protected and enabled by a clean, efficient, and fair government.


Meanwhile, the vision for the country is that by 2040, the Philippines shall be a prosperous, predominantly middle-class society where no one is poor.  Our peoples will enjoy long and healthy lives, are smart and innovative, and will live in a high-trust society.


The vision was a result of 42 Focused Group Discussions (FGDs) with marginalized groups and National Survey 15-50 years old with 10,000 samples nationwide.


Dacanay clarified that this is a long-term (25 years) vision for the Philippines, a basis for unity among Filipinos. It is a vision, NOT a plan that could play as an anchor for development planning across administrations and a guide for engaging with international development partners.


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