PNP PRO-10 ranks 3rd on Oplan Tokhang

The Philippine National Police- Police Regional Office (PRO)-10 ranks third as the best performing office in the country in terms of its fight against illegal drugs.


In an interview during “Lambo Dyes” radio program over Radyo ng Bayan on May 12, Public Information Office Spokesperson P/Supt. Lemuel B. Gonda announced that PRO-10 got third nationwide for its exemplary implementation of the so-called “Off Campus Rehabilitations” wherein users and pushers who wish to stop drug addictions were extended help by partner agencies such as the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).


The first batch had already graduated and PNP PRO 10 now works on the second batch who are enrolled at TESDA for technical skills training.


However, as the office conducts a surprise drug testing, there are program recipients who came out positive on the results. These, Gonda said, are excluded by the PRO-10 from the program.


Aside from the surprise drug testing, PNP also has its other way of monitoring the surrenderees such as the re-visitation.


“Naa ta’y gitawag na re-visitation sa katong mga surrenderees kung tinuod ba gyud na niundang na sila, nagbag-o na sila for rehabilitation purposes (We have what we call the re-visitation to our surrenderees if they have truly stopped [from using drugs], or if they have reformed),” Gonda explained.


Drug rehabilitation is of big help to the concerned users and pushers. However, Gonda admitted that “it should not be forced to them, as rehabilitation will be useless unless the concerned person is willing to change.”


Oplan Tokhang or Project Double Barrel Reloaded is implemented to provide constant reminders to the families of drug addicts since PNP believes that the counsels from families are the most effective tool in reforming them.


The PNP launched the Tok-Tok Hangyo (Tokhang) program appealing to illegal drug users and pushers to surrender and be reformed through rehabilitation with the help from the partner agencies such as TESDA, Department of Health (DOH), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) among others.


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