City solon makes waves during M’nao Council for Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China gab

Cagayan de Oro City solon brought pride to the country and city during the Mindanao Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China program held in Davao City.
Councilor George S. Goking, who is the president of the Philippine Councilors’ League-Cagayan de Oro Chapter (PCL), was chosen to speak before dignitaries, Chinese Chamber of Commerce and business community during the program and oathtaking ceremony of its new set of officers.
In his message, councilor Goking stressed the importance of promoting unity between the Philippines and Chinese community and among all people.
“As public servants, if there is one thing that brings us all together, it is the full-blown commitment and dedication to act on the well-being of our people and the development of our beloved city. As I played my part in bridging the gaps between our differences, everyone else realized that there is much to be gained when we work together, “ he cited.
Councilor Goking challenged the delegates to pursue this.
“I urge everyone to follow this trend and to those who have already been promoting unity within your organizations, there is a lot of information that we can share with each other today,” he cited.
The councilor also took the time to invite Chinese businessmen and investors to come to  the city.
“Cagayan de Oro City has never been this conducive to investments and partnerships in the past generations, but now we are as ready as ever to accommodate activities that will nurture better growth and development for our city and its people,” the councilor said.
Aside from gracing the program, councilor Goking was also invited to witness the arrival of Chinese Naval Ships at the Davao Port.
According to reports, the arrival of the navy ships aims to deepen maritime security operations between the Philippines and China.
During the regular session presided over by Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin V. Uy, the City Council congratulated councilor Goking for ably representing the country and the city during the milestone activities.

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