PRO 10 confers 27 awards to top performing cops on ‘Double Barrel’ reloaded

Northern Mindanao Police Regional Office has awarded deserving chiefs of police during its traditional Monday flag raising ceremony and visit of Philippine National Police (PNP) director for operations.


As it started another week of untiring service to the public, PRO 10 once again recognized the contributions of some of its officers in the line of service in their area of responsibility (AOR).


A total of 20 chiefs of police / station commanders were conferred with Medalya ng Kagalingan for their laudable achievements in the implementation of PNP Anti-Illegal Drugs Campaign “Project Double Barrel: Reloaded” that resulted in a very significant high number of arrested illegal drug personalities from March 4 to April 16, 2017 by initiating intensified anti-illegal drugs operations since the resumption of Project Double Barrel.


Likewise, six chiefs of police were awarded with Medalya ng Kadakilaan for the successful police operations that resulted in the neutralization of illegal drug personalities and one police non-commissioned officer (PNCO) was awarded with Medalya ng Sugatang Magiting for having been wounded in-action during the conduct of legitimate police operation.


PRO 10 also commended the support of the community by way of giving information to the police that resulted in the arrest of illegal drugs personalities.


Police Director Camilo P Cascolan, PNP director for operations, together with PCSupt Agripino G Javier, PRO regional director personally presented the awards.


Meanwhile, PRO 10 is appealing to the people of Northern Mindanao to stop the proliferation of illegal drugs as it will destroy the family and the community as a whole.


PDir Cascolan said that it’s very significant, memorable and inspiring as it is only PRO 10 who gave due recognition and rewards to police officers who did remarkable performance in the campaign against illegal drugs.


He encouraged the personnel of PRO 10 to sustain the efforts in fighting illegal drugs and other forms of criminalities.(PRO10)


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