Duterte says ‘No letup of war against drugs’

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte after his visit to wounded soldiers in action at Camp Evangelista Station Hospital (CESH) in Cagayan de Oro City on 2 April 2017, spoke with the media and emphasized that his war against drugs is in full effect.


When asked about local officials involved in drugs, he warned those in the government that there is no letup of this war against drugs. He explained that if he cannot stop it he would have doomed the country and the next generation. ‘I have to preserve the next generation,’ the President said.

There are about four million addicts, he said. With the use of shabu, just eight months to one year, the brain shrinks. He said, it is a deadly chemical. Of the four million, we are already 1 million 800 mark. President Duterte asked, ‘How am I supposed to deal with them?’

We have to preserve our nation. It will not end until the last pusher, user. It is an apparatus, if there are illegal drugs and no runner, the illegal drugs will rot. Meantime, if there is demand, these producers and runners will find a way to produce. Why I persuaded congress not to push with elections? Because 40% of barangay captains of the country are either addicted, supporter of producer and user of drugs, he said.

On the other hand, he vowed that no police officers or military will go to jail for doing their duty. “I’ll pardon them,” he said. The constitution says the President can pardon absolute or conditional to anyone convicted with a crime or give amnesty. He said he will pardon with promotion to boot.

In Leyte, four police officers were killed because they are against drugs, the President lamented.


In terms of corruption, the President vowed to stop it. In due time, he announced that he will dismiss another government official. He added that in airports, opening of bags/luggage is not allowed. He said, “I don’t like oppression against Filipinos especially against OFWs and the poor.”

He added that he will embark on a neutral economic agenda. He said he went to China to let our products such as banana and pineapple get in their country. He emphasized, he has never entered any military alliance with any country.

President Duterte emphasized that he won the elections on his platforms of government: end corruption, war on drugs, improve the economy and peace and order. (JMOR/PIA10)


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