BIR streamlines processes, requirements

Providing fast, easy and accessible service is among the many reasons for the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in northern Mindanao to capitalize on streamlining of processes and requirements.

BIR lambo dyes

This has been stressed by Lawyer Cherry Ibaoc of BIR-10 during the Lambo Dyes radio program on March 3.

“Example, in getting Tax Identification Number (TIN) for taxpayers who are not business owners or employees, only two documents are needed,” Ibaoc said.

This kind of taxpayers would only need duly filled up BIR form 1904, which can be freely obtained from BIR, and any identification issued by an authorized government body that shows the name, address and birth date of the applicant.

For employees, only two requirements are needed and these are the BIR form 1902 and identification except for married individuals who would need to submit a marriage contract.

“For those individual taxpayers who are engaged in business or exercise profession, there were 14 documentary requirements needed before but now there are only 6,” Ibaoc added.

One-time transaction payers (ONETT), those who are selling or buying properties and donor or heirs of real properties, the BIR shall provide the TIN after the computation of the tax due and there are only three requirements needed in addition to the computation sheet, BIR form 1904, any identification and copy of the deed or instrument executed by the partners.

Furthermore, the Electronic Certificate Authorizing Registration (eCAR) issued by BIR to be presented to the register of deeds now has a validity period of three years as compared to the one-year validity before.

Ibaoc also shared that the BIR now has fan pages and profiles which are available in the BIR official website,, to get more details and information on the processes and requirements of the department.(RTP/PIA10)


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