BIR inspects establishments in CDO for tax compliance

Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Region 16 conducted on March 1 a tax compliance verification drive (TCVD) or mapping operation in an attempt to verify compliance of establishments in Cagayan de Oro City.


Led by BIR RR16 Director lawyer Hermeno A. Palamine, the campaign aims to verify compliance with registration, invoicing and bookkeeping requirements provided for under existing internal revenue laws, put in check tax violators, stamp out payment irregularities and generate more tax revenue.

For his part, Cagayan de Oro Revenue District Officer Venerando B. Homez said the taxpayer owning, leasing or otherwise controlling the sales outlets or service equipment is liable to register with the BIR office and pay the corresponding annual registration fee of P500.

Homez said that in addition to this, a Certificate of Registration (COR) provided by the tax agency should be securely attached to the sales machine or equipment and should be conspicuously displayed to the public.

He further said that the COR shall be non-transferable to another taxpayer or from one location to another and should any changes be made as to its ownership and location, re-registration is required.

The provision fully supports BIR’s tax collection efforts and TCVD.

The registration would help the BIR have an updated record of taxpayers’ sales outlets and service equipment and enable the agency to better track the activities and operations of taxpayers.

Tax mapping is usually done unannounced by the BIR representative. For this round, TCVD was conducted as among the highlights for the 2017 Tax Campaign Drive with the theme, “Tunay na Pagbabago, Para sa Bayan” aimed to mobilize sector support for the payment of taxes.

Charges on non-compliance or violation to BIR rules of business establishment ranges from penalties amounting to P1,000 to P50,000, depending on the nature and scope of the violation. Some violation, however, can lead to permanent closure of the business establishment, criminal charges on the owners or imprisonment. (EOR/PIA10)


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