New provincial jail compound to rise in Initao

The construction of a new provincial jail in Initao town with basic amenities and livelihood training facilities is a top priority this year.


“The congestion of 700 detention prisoners packed in a compound built for 200 is to say the least, unhealthy. This brings about a lot of more serious risks like security and the lack of any rehabilitation aspect of detention,” Governor Emano said during the weekly flag-raising ceremony at the capitol compound, Feb. 6.

Along this line, he is urging the Sangguniang Panlalawigan for the immediate passage of an appropriate ordinance for the “public-private partnership” under the concept of which the new jail compound shall be built.

The governor is amenable for the said compound to be built under the “buid-operate-transfer” scheme.

“The BOT scheme may be adopted provided the new jail facility must be first constructed,” Gov. Emano added.

He said the need for the inmates to be rehabilitated is as important as the punitive aspect of detention.

Further, he wants the new jail facility to have enough space where detainees can be trained for alternative livelihood which they can make use of once out of detention.

“God forbid, we do not want them to be ‘labas-pasok’ (in and out) in jail, but rather we want them to have the chance of a new life,” Gov. Emano added.

He assured relatives of those who may be detained in the new facility that they will still have as much freedom to visit their loved ones as there shall be provided a free bus service to ferry them to the new site. (PIOMisOr/jv)


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