DOLE fast tracks endo implementation in NorMin

Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) region 10 is continuously providing awareness and monitoring establishments in Northern Mindanao for their voluntary compliance on the mandate of President Rodrigo Duterte on End of Contractualization or ENDO among the private sector.


During Talakayan sa Luxe on 18 January 2017, DOLE technical director Atheneus Vasallo emphasized that ENDO’s main concern is to address the issue of security of tenure of the employees and workers in the private sector.

He added that among the prohibited practices that some contracting agencies do is the 6-6-6 or 5-5-5 wherein a worker after having completed five months or less on the job will be terminated, then will be re-hired after another five months and so on. The issue here is that workers are not given security of tenure, Vasallo explained.


However, since the start of strict implementation of DOLE Department Order – 18 on contracting and subcontracting arrangements, the department has achieved 52% of the target of regularization of workers all over the region. Vasallo said that, 460 establishments have complied equivalent to 3,830 contractual workers regularized.

Meanwhile, Vasallo also encouraged those workers whose employers are not compliant to this DOLE department order to inform the department. He said, the department is open to all complaints and will give time to investigate on the matter.


They can be reached through their hotline numbers at 09177-114-6526 or 0928-233-7806.


Further, among the key issues raised was that if ENDO will be fully implemented in the country, the turnaround time for opening of jobs will be slow since workers will be regularized.


As response, Vasallo assured that DOLE central office is discussing those issues. He said, supposedly early this year there will be guidelines already on ENDO, but as of now, they are still using Department Order – 18. Perhaps, he said these issues has also come up in the central and are trying to make win-win situation between profit of establishments and workers benefits. (JMOR/PIA10)


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