Firecrackers related injuries dives to half in 2016

Final reported fireworks and pyrotechnics related injuries for 2016 is pegged at 28 cases in Northern Mindanao.


The Department of Health (DOH) said this 56 percent lower from last year’s 64 reported cases.

Dr. David Mendoza, head of the Research Epidemiology, Surveillance and Disaster Response Unit (RESDRU) in a media briefing held at DOH said piccolo, ‘kwitis,’ fountain and triangle are among the top three firecrackers reported to have caused the injuries.

Blasting and burns with no amputation (82%) were the most common type of injuries, followed by eye injuries (14%) and one gunshot wound from an improvised shot gun (sumpak).

Meanwhile, DOH-10 Regional Director Nimfa B. Torrizo attributed the decline to the efforts put in advocacy.

She said the interagency task force on illegal firecrackers has also helped in bringing the awareness to the community level.

Torrizo further stressed the need to push for the approval of the bill banning the use of illegal firecrackers and urged the local government to enact legislation in support to the Iwas paputok campaign. (JCV/PIA-10)


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