Energy-firm empowers women in hydro construction project

As the clock keeps ticking, women continue to empower themselves to be strong and capable of being at par with men.


This statement best describes the story of the only two roses among the foliage – Girly Silma, 24 and Lizel Cabalida, 33 — who are now working as welders under J.V. Angeles Construction Corp. (JVACC) in Hedcor’s on-going 68.8-MW Manolo Fortich Hydropower Project in Bukidnon province.


An unusual occupation for women, but the two went for it out of interest and passion.


“We really wanted this job, and even from the beginning, we always believe that we could so we did,” said Silma.


Silma and Cabalida shared that they became more empowered after how many months of working on this project because of the trust earned.


“We are happy to be given an opportunity to experience this kind of work. We are aware that construction companies do not easily hire women, but we are thankful that JVACC and Hedcor gave their trust to us,” said Cabalida.


“I have bigger plans for the future and working on this project has given me the confidence that I can achieve those because of the quality of the learning I have acquired. I enhanced my skills and learned new things here,” said Silma.


They will be the two of the hundreds of people behind Hedcor’s largest run-of-river hydropower plant project in Mindanao.


In addition, Manolo Fortich Hydropower Projects are now over 70% complete and expected to start generating clean and renewable energy by 3rd quarter of this year. (Hedcor)


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