MisOr guv hails joint peace initiative

Misamis Oriental governor hailed the joint peace initiative of several church groups as well as that of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) National Democratic Front (NDF and the New Peoples Army (NPA) as “pro-people and pro- development” and in celebration of the rebels organizations 48th founding anniversary.


At the same time Governor Bambi Emano expressed his hopes that the scenarios playing today could be replicated in several other areas, not only in the province but also in the whole country.


“There should be more opportunities for Filipinos of different creed and ideologies to come and sit down together rather than shout at each other with empty rhetoric; discuss on issues they all agree rather than squabble on endless disagreements. Nothing can be more pro people and pro-development than peace dialogues such as this,” Gov. Emano declared.


Held somewhere in a mountain village in the eastern part of Misamis Oriental, the participants arrived; some disembarking from vehicles while others emerged from the bushes; shook hands, hugged, and smiled at each other as if they have known each other for a long time.


Observing all these, the governor declared that this is the most relaxed and stress-free meeting among these parties.


“This is what we need. We may spend all our efforts and treasure for development but if there is no peace everything will take a long time. Nothing is more long lasting than peace based on mutual respect of each other’s belief, “ Emano added.


The governor has been relentless in his pursuit for peace since he took over the realm of leadership of the province.


He does not hesitate to do things outside his comfort zone if such can lead to peace and understanding.


His initiative toward peace and order is among of the eight pillars of his total development approach anchored on tourism. (PIOMisOr/jv)


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