DILG: Volunteerism needed in implementing critical programs

The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Region 10 underscored the importance of volunteerism in ensuring the delivery of priority programs.


“With the DILG programs that are being implemented, still, the focus is to unify the efforts of volunteer organizations and the department as well as our partner agencies, in ensuring that we could appropriately deliver the priority programs especially those that are part of the priorities of President Duterte,” said DILG 10 Director Arnel M. Agabe during the 4th Annual Volunteers Gathering: Celebrating the Spirit of Volunteerism and Citizenship held at Capitol University Gymnasium, Cagayan de Oro.


Director Agabe also emphasized the need of volunteers in implementing the critical program of DILG—the Mamamayang Ayaw sa Anomaliya, Mamamayang Ayaw sa Iligal na Droga Program (MASA MASID).


This was discussed further by DILG Local Government Operations Officer (LGOO) Liza D. Ladres, focusing on the role of public engagement in MASA MASID Program.


“Each and everyone of us is our brother’s keeper so it becomes a moral obligation for every human whether you are good or evil, whether you are religious or not, whether you belong to a government organization or private organization, to take on the welfare of each and every person that we will be meeting along the way,” Agabe said pertaining to the significance of volunteerism.


He further said that we are saying that volunteerism is not truly volunteerism actually; because we are also saying that volunteerism is an obligation and a duty if you are human. (DILG10)


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