Police foregoes firearm muzzle taping

Northern Mindanao police regional director PCSupt Noel Constantino has ordered a stop to the yearly Philippine National Police (PNP) practice of taping the muzzle of service firearms in an attempt to raise the bar of discipline and promote responsible use of government-issued firearms among the police.


PCSupt Constantino said the practice of muzzle taping only shows the distrust of the organization to its very own police officers such that we need to require unit commanders to physically put a tape around the muzzle of the firearms of police officers.


“The PNP leadership today trusts and treats every police officer as a responsible law enforcement officer and gun-holder who will not fire his/her firearms indiscriminately and will only fire it when it is extremely necessary to do so in the line of duty,” he added.


Constantino also reiterated the PNP chief warning against illegal discharge of firearms or indiscriminate firing.


“Those who will violate the directive on illegal discharge of firearms will be severely dealt with to the fullest extent of the law,” PCSupt Constantino said quoting the PNP Chief, PDGen Ronald Dela Rosa.


For his part, Police Regional Office spokesperson, PSupt Surki Sereñas, said the yearly PNP tradition of taping the muzzle of firearms is suppose to be held simultaneously across the region and all units are ready. I guess the media are also all set to cover the activity However, the directive is clear. We will forego with the firearms muzzle taping. (PIO, PRO10)


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