Juvenile justice body ensures CICL rehab, circumvents detention

To embody the theme of the 5th Juvenile Justice and Welfare Consciousness Week, “Rehab, Hindi Rehas: Itaguyod ang R.A. 10630,” the Regional Juvenile Justice and Welfare Committee (RJJWC) in northern Mindanao stressed the decrease of children in conflict with the law (CICL) cases from 2012 to September 2016.


During the Talakayan sa PIA on November 23, Hacelyn Barrero of the Department of Social Welfare and Development-10 (DSWD) said that the CICL in northern Mindanao have been continuously monitored by the DSWD-10 in close coordination with the RJJWC and together, they have recorded a total of 5,308 CICL cases for the entire region from 2012 to September 2016.


“The reporting was done on an annual basis, however, 2012 and 2013 were taken collectively with a total of 2,969 cases served, 740 cases in 2014, 918 in 2015 and 689 cases served for January-September 2016,” Barrero explained.


The committee also reported that though there was an increase of 10.74 percent of CICL cases served for 2015 from the 2014 reported cases, a 26 percent decrease of CICL cases from CY 2015 to January to September 2016 is a big accomplishment for the entire region.


As for the areas in the region with prevalent CICL cases, Barrero shared that Misamis Oriental has reported the highest number of CICL cases in northern Mindanao.


The usual committed offenses include theft, attempted rape, robbery, direct assault, act of lasciviousness, arson, murder, homicide, serious physical injuries, drug-related violations of RA 9165, qualified theft, multiple theft, physical abuse, involvement to gang, unlawful acquisition or possession of firearms and ammunition.


Sniffing rugby, grave threats, physical injury, attempted rape, prohibited under special law, crime against property, crime against person, crime against chastity, trespassing, violation of Section 11 of Repulic Act 9165, violation of anti-hazing law, malicious mischief, reckless imprudence resulting to homicide, slight physical injury, and illegal gambling.


The RJJWC has also obtained data from the Philippine National Police (PNP) based on the status of each CICL case for the entire 2014 and the first half of 2015 and has found out that theft, with 832 cases, is the most common offense committed by children followed by physical injuries with 311 tallied cases.


The committee also added that the most utilized intervention implemented is the referral to other agencies in the barangay to undergo community-based intervention and diversion program.


Furthermore, from the actual interview and collated info by the Regional Juvenile Justice and Welfare Committee, children in conflict with law are usually male aged between 9-17, have low educational attainment, are belonging to large, low-earning family.


They are also charged with property related crimes, crimes against persons and violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act, users of illegal drugs and alcohol, no longer attending school, belonging to broken or dysfunctional families, influenced by friends in the conduct of their undesirable behavior, and members of gang.


The Juvenile Justice and Welfare Consciousness is observed yearly to heighten the awareness and consciousness of the Filipino people about the rights of Filipino Children CICL, the responsibility of all stakeholders and all duty bearers in ensuring the protection of Filipino youth and children.(RTP/PIA10)



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