Modern nanays step up campaign on breastfeeding

Aimed to teach mothers and pregnant women on establishing good milk supply, breastfeeding positions and getting babies to latch on, the Modern Nanays of Mindanao (MNM) conducts a breastfeeding class and breast milk drive through the Nanay Meet Up on November 14.


Mothers are urged to frequently breastfeed their babies especially during growth spurts in order to establish milk supply. Babies should also be properly latched and positioned to maximize the benefits of breastfeeding both by the baby and the mother.


Nadine Casiño, founder of the MNM, also discourages the use of pacifiers and bottles.


“Breastfeeding is our primal instinct to nourish our baby. There is no best way to feed our baby than breast milk itself straight from the source,” Casiño added.


For mothers who find it hard to breastfeed their child directly from the source, the MNM also provided a lecture on proper human milk storage as well as the proper technique of pumping human milk.


More than 30 mothers participated in the said event and were taught on handling and providing their baby’s needs.


“I join meet ups of MNM para makatabang sa uban nga mga nanay nga naa’y problema sa ilang pagpatotoy. Para ma-share pud nako sa uban ang akong nahibal-an about breastfeeding (I join meet ups of MNM so I can help other mothers who have problems on breastfeeding. The event also allows me to share my knowledge on breastfeeding),” said Sharon Orias, a participant of the meet up.


Orias practices tandem feeding — breastfeeding a toddler and an infant at the same time, and believes that every mother should know and experience the benefits of breastfeeding.


MNM is a group of mothers who advocate breastfeeding, babywearing and cloth-diapering, and aims to make no mom feel alone. It is a budding group of over a thousand members comprising of stay-at-home and working moms, pediatricians, obstetricians, advocates and families believing in the importance of the said three principles.(RTP/PIA10)


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