Lanzones Festival to open, gets new twist

Looking back in history, Camiguin is set to showcase a tribal inspired thanksgiving performances for the lanzones festival this year, to keep the local feel.

From the free interpretation street dancing and tableau competitions, Governor Maria Luisa D. Romualdo wants to give the celebration a unique, local touch.


Looking back


Artistic Director Consultant Vincent A. Aranas said they are keeping the official legend of Camiguin and its enchanting lanzones a contest piece storyline.


Apart from this, the costumes, colors and beat will reflect the rich Higaonon Manobo culture in Bukidnon, believed to be to the ancestors of Camiguingnons.


Researchers describe Higaonon as the “people of the living mountains” and “people of the wilderness.” The name higa (to live or reside), goan (mountain) and onon (people). While Manobo, Manuvu or Minuvu simply means “people” or “person.


Ethno linguists traced Camiguin Island and the northern coasts of Mindanao as home to the Cinamiguin Manobo.


Aranas said ki-miguin means “owned by Miguin,” the same as ki-Solon or ki-Taotao, this and more, he said, are also manifested in the island’s dialect.




Ag Sadya Kiraw Tayamtam and music showdown will kick off the weeklong festivity on October 23, followed by a parade highlighted with a grand display of festival inspired headdress.


The formal declaration and opening of the 37th Camiguin Lanzones Festival will go back-to-back with the soft opening of the Agro-Industrial Technology Trade Fair (UGMAD), a showcase of the island’s best products and handicrafts at the PPR Tourism and Sports Complex.


Various activities are prepped up for the week like festival king, queen and diwata dance showdown, sports competition, pageants, rave parties and more along with a job fair and delivery basic government services.


The famous street dancing and ground competition, meanwhile, is set on October 30.  (JCV/PIA 10)



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