Electric coops to protect end users in any gov’t form

The Association of Mindanao Rural Electric Cooperatives, Inc. (AMRECO) in partnership with the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) will hold the AMRECO Summit 2016 on November 25-26 this year to come up with legislative measures that will ensure that the electricity end users will be protected whatever will be the impact of the shift of government form to the cost of electricity in the country.


With the theme, “Federalism, its impact on Mindanao Electric Cooperatives and its member/consumers,” the event will serve as the venue for electric cooperatives in Mindanao to discuss with the political leaders the issues at hand, to be able to prepare the systems and processes ensuring Mindanao electric cooperatives can harvest the benefit of federalism through reduction of electricity cost.


To ensure that the people in Mindanao can benefit from the present administration, AMRECO President Sergio C. Dagooc said, “We would like to come up with some advocacies maximizing the leadership of a Mindanaoan.”


Thus, Dagooc is hopeful that something valuable will be produced from the summit where 34 cooperatives and 700 to 1,000 participants are expected.


For his part, Engr. Glen Jay Reston, Mindanao Power Monitoring Committee (MPMC) officer-in-charge, said that one of the concerns of MinDA is really to attract investors so we have to maintain this competitive advantage that we have a cheaper power as compared to Luzon and Visayas.


He added that they are advocating for the non-privatization of the government-owned power plant such as the Agus and Pulangui Power Plant Complexes to make sure that the government has the control when it comes to the changes of electricity rate.


Reston said that pursuing the renewable energy will aid in ensuring cheap electricity source since it is not affected by the currency, rate exchange and oil price fluctuation. Hence, the rate will stay the same and as of now, the generation cost of such source per kilowatt hour is less than P1 and it is sold at P2.63 compared to the P5 per KWh rate of the private industries.


Furthermore, Dagooc said that their advocacy is centered on Mindanao for the Mindanaoan and “we don’t want that the market in electricity will be governed by the people in Luzon and Visayas.”


In fact, on their meeting with MPMC on November 15, Dagooc stressed that one of the agenda is to request that the remaining capacity of the Agus and Pulangui Complexes “should no longer be allocated to the industries; it should be focused to the distribution utilities whether electric cooperatives or private because the distribution utilities are the ones serving the poorest of the poor, which is the target of this administration for the reduction of electricity rate.”


The First AMRECO Annual General Membership Assembly and AMRECO Summit 2016 as highlighted by Dagooc, is the perfect occasion for participants to grasp the pulse of Mindanao’s power development plans in the advent of Federalism under the leadership of the new government. (RTP/PIA10)



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