NGCP intensifies transmission line safety advocacy in schools

The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) has encouraged school pupils, teachers and parents to help secure the transmission lines to avoid severe damages that may result into power interruptions.


Parents were reminded during the turnover ceremony of tablets and LCD projectors held at the G.L. Reyes-Anhawon Elementary School in Cagayan de Oro, and Sta. Ana Elementary School, Tagoloan town, Misamis Oriental, Sept. 30 to strictly not allow children to fly kites near transmission lines or to climb any transmission structures to prevent accidents and electrocution.


Planting of trees under transmission lines, towers and right-of-way (ROW) clearances is prohibited, according to NGCP.


NGCP Safety Officer Manuel B. Bas said it is one the causes of frequent power tripping or brownouts. Several cases of these have been reported in some areas of Lanao del Norte and Western Mindanao.


Bas said NGCP lines carry very high voltage power. Thus, violations of their safety regulations affect their operations.


The public must be aware that observance of NGCP’s safety regulations would prevent cases of electrocution, accidents, and power trippings.


Residents living near or along NGCP transmission lines have to cooperate by not planting trees near towers and electricity posts to lessen and eliminate, transmission line-related accidents.


For his part, NGCP Line Engineer Christopher D. Corpuz reminded that any kind of structures, TV and radio antenna, kite-flying games, grass fires, along and under its transmission lines, towers, and substations, should never be allowed.


NGCP, the operator of the country’s power transmission network, conducts regularly an information drive on transmission line safety regulations to avoid accidents and electrocution and other untoward incidents, said Mae Roselle L. Curiano, NGCP regional corporate communications and public affairs officer.


Further, the NGCP has advised the public to be cautious whenever passing through the structures while carrying long stick logs that may contact with the power lines.


Meanwhile, Aprilou Agawin presented the grave impact of line pilferage on power transmission operations.


Users and consumers must report any incident of leaning and damaged poles of towers and sagging power lines and identify poles or tower number for NGCP’s immediate action, NGCP representatives said. (EOR/PIA10)


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