Duterte leads inauguration of coal power plant in Villanueva town

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte visited anew Region 10 on September 22, 2016 to lead the unveiling of Inaugural Marker and Ceremonial Switch-on of Misamis Power Plant located at Villanueva town, Misamis Oriental.


MPC, which is under the management of FilInvest Development Corporation, is a 3 x 135 MW or 405 MW Circulating Fluidized Bed Coal Power Plant and is considered the biggest base load power plant in Mindanao.


In his speech, President Duterte congratulated owners Gutianon family “for their sheer enterprise not only in the development of the Philippines but sharing the money to help the Philippines raise the standard of living.”


“The big ones are really big and they are big because maybe God gave them so much so that also they can help so much of our fellowmen,” he said. The coal power plant to date is already in its full operation and has employed more than 5,000 local employees during its construction and currently managing 200 regular employees.


The president also stressed the importance of electricity and how helpful and contributing FDC has been in the Mindanao Grid.


“Itong electricity, it was really the carabao. Pag wala kang energy, patay ka. And to me, this would be alleviate [alleviating] including the Zamboanga peninsula, hirap talaga sila doon. Almost every now and then, humingi ng tulong for a re-distribution of the power from the grid (This electricity, it was really the carabao. If you don’t have energy, you die. And to me, this would be alleviating including the Zamboanga peninsula, they are really having difficulties there. Almost every now and then, they have been asking for help for a re-distribution of the power from the grid),” he shared.


Moreover, Duterte stated that he never thought Mindanao will develop so fast, reason that in the few years, it is very much possible that it will tinker and will as well use other energy sources like solar or a better technology but not expensive.


FDC President and CEO Josephine Gotianun said that FDC wants to help this administration “by providing power at the most affordable cost and the most reliable way with technology that protects the environment.”


This plant envisions of ending the recurring power crisis that Mindanao region experienced for years.


FDC MPC Head Juan Eugenio L. Roxas said during an interview that Mindanao is suffering from rotating brown-outs that even reach up to eight hours, especially on summer. “With this power plant, this will augment the supply of Mindanao and hopefully, we no longer experience the rotating brown-out that happens every summer,” he said.


All three units are synchronized to the Mindanao Grid. Even at the start of synchronization, FDC MPC has already contributed to the stability of Mindanao Grid. Long term contractual commitments have been secured for more than 85% of the project’s net capacity with various distribution utilities and large industrial customers covering 205 municipalities and barangays in Mindanao.


Roxas also tackled that the power plant has passed the clean air standards.


“Obviously, there are environmental concerns but at this point we don’t have a choice. This coal plant has passed, if not, surpassed the standard not only the clean air act of the country but also World Bank standards,” he said.


The FDC MPC head said that this is because power plant is brand new; all three units are running and are fully operational. Further, the company is expecting a very high demand in the coming years and has plans of expansion, as during this administration of President Duterte, businessmen and investors are coming in Mindanao. (IJBD/PIA10)


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