Iligan City joins ‘Hakab Na 2016’

In celebration of the Breastfeeding Month in August, Iligan City joined the nationwide Hakab Na 2016, or known as The Big Latch On worldwide.

Hakab Na 2016 2

The event locally called HAKAB NA ILIGAN 2016 was held in the city plaza last August 6.

The main event started with exactly 40 babies successfully latching on to their mothers and breastfeeding simultaneously for one minute.

This event aims to normalize breastfeeding in public and to spread breastfeeding awareness. Dra. Potre Mairasna Pangarungan – Boransing graced the event by giving lectures on the first 1000 days of the baby whereas Ms. Jolly of ANSAP patiently answered queries from the participants about breastfeeding. In the afternoon session, Mr. Kent Sacayle from Red Cross showed participants how to apply emergency first aid for infants/toddlers.

Hakab Na 2016 3

In relatively conservative Iligan City, breastfeeding in public is not yet well accepted – this event and more like it in the near future goes a long way in changing that ideal.

Hakab Na 2016 5

To make this event possible, Rotaract Club of Maria Christina partnered with Your Iligan Breastfriends, a group of breastfeeding counselor in Iligan City, with the support of Congressman Fred Siao, Local Government of Iligan, Office of the Mayor and Vice Mayor, City Councilors Plando, Huertas and Ong, ANSAP – Iligan City Hospital, Ivory House Publishing, JECOs Iligan City, Human Heart Nature, Tatay’s Grill and Restaurant, Nature Spring, Enchant and Tireshoppe Iligan.

Hakab Na 2016

During the event, raffles and prizes were also given from the generous hearts of Psyche and Leander, Kaypee Baby, Euphibells, In my Arm, Shadrach’s Collection, Bum Nature, Aywabu, and Snug, local entrepreneurs’ of Mindanao. (Jaymarie Asibal/Iligan City)


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