DA-10 promotes BROWN4good campaign

In line with the Department of Agriculture’s (DA) goal to achieve rice self-sufficiency while promoting better health, the Be RICEponsible campaign that started in 2013 is moving on as it encourages consumers to have brown rice as part of their menu.


The BROWN4good project introduces brown rice as an alternative staple to white rice ensuring not only enough food on the table, but also adequate nourishment for the consumers.


The national launching of BROWN4good is set on 30 August 2016. Activities lined-up during the launching include cooking contest with brown rice as the main ingredient, feeding program to day care centers, among others.


Brown rice is being promoted by DA nationwide as it could boost farmers’ income as it save the 10% postharvest losses during milling. Likewise, it can help ease malnutrition because of its additional nutrient content.


It is a whole grain or unpolished rice. It is nutritionally superior to white rice in terms of fiber, protein, good fats, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B9, and E, minerals, and antioxidants


The so-called brown rice is not a variety but a paddy or rough rice (palay) without the outer covering called hull or husk.  It is the rice that did not go through polishing during milling that is why it still has the bran and germ, making it called unpolished rice.


The bran is responsible for its light brown or tan color, nutty taste and chewy texture. (SVA, DA- RFO-10/PIA 10)



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